Al Bassami Transport

Al Bassami Transport is a subsidiary of the Albassami International Business Group, which is considered one the biggest companies specializing in vehicle transportation in the Middle East.

Founded in 1968, it was one of the pioneers of professional vehicle transport services in the region. As the Middle East progressed, Al Bassami Transport responded to the growing demand for vehicle transport and has since grown its business substantially to become the leader in vehicle transport that it is today.

It offers a variety of services that include:

  • All kinds of vehicle transportation services, for the local, regional and international markets
  • Logistical services, such as transportation of goods and supplies
  • Special transportation services for VIP customers

Its massive fleet of fully-insured vehicles and parcels transportation cover the entire territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as countries in the Gulf region.

Al Bassami Transport has the capability and experience to address any transportation and logistics requirement from across the GCC.

Mission Statement

To provide excellent services in vehicle transportation and customized logistics by delivering innovative tailored solutions efficiently and effectively with the best people, system and processes.

Our Vision

To be recognized as one of the best companies in logistics and transportation industry because of our commitments to clients, employees and business partners.

Our Philosophy

Trust is what we value the most, when your priorities are fast and timely deliveries at reasonable rates.

Our Core Values

Client Focus: We partner with our clients and align our collective goals in order to exceed expectations
Accountability: We believe that accountability to each other and to our clients is paramount for success
Integrity: We conduct ourselves with the highest levels of trust, honesty and ethical standards
Teamwork: We support and respect our team members in order to promote a positive environment
Continuous Improvement: We nurture ongoing training, dedication to compliance and safety awareness
Communication: We encourage active listening to clarify needs and value responsiveness in all communications


Dedicated & Professional

Mohamed M. Al Bassami


Khaled Al Bassami


Ali Al Bassami

Sales & Branches Manager


Almost every vehicle on the road has been transported at one time or another. Even brand new cars need to be transported from the manufacturer to the dealerships for distribution. New cars cannot be driven from the manufacturer because consumers would then consider the car to be used. The need for automobile shipping and transportation is a necessary commodity, so no matter what the reason for transporting a car, choosing the correct car transport company is very important to a safe and successful process and that is Al Bassami Transport.




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